Introducing the InVarch community!

No one person can birth and execute groundbreaking ideas without a need for collaboration and partnership and this is where the problem lies. The trust problem, fear and uncertainties of exposing a potentially great venture to partners and investors and this is the problem that InVarch addresses.

InVarch is the world first ever decentralized intellectual property network that is developed on web 3.0 for the purpose of securing, nurturing and developing intellectual properties for the shared mutual trust and benefit of both the intellectual property owner and other partners.

It is a decentralized network of the blockchain technology which allows users to tokenize their intellectual properties in such a way that it can be transferred, transacted and used as a medium of exchange using a Decentralized Autonomous Organization — DAO which helps to regulate the activities and involvement of partners using a smart contract model.

InVarch represents the missing link between ideas and creation. It creates a connection between the idea originator, the creative who works on the idea and the finance partners under one ecosystem thereby providing mutual trust between and partners under one ecosystem where users can connect, collaborate and partner in order to achieve set goals and objectives.

Intellectual properties like documents, videos, images and diagrams, on the InVarch protocols are stored as NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) thereby creating an online space for abstract ideas and concepts in their developmental stages which have largely not been accounted for in the world of Decentralized Finance while accounting for security and accountability on the part of partners using a network security and user authentication that is built on the KYC protocol of the platform

At InVarch, our vision is to transform the landscape of startup by giving them a platform to be nurtured, to thrive and to develop into long term, strong standing entrepreneurial ventures that will contribute to problem solving in the society while reducing the death of revolutionary ideas due to theft and censorship to the barest minimum.

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